In this issue of Muscle & Fitness, you’ll find everything you need to kick your routine into high gear and get chiseled for spring—’cus beach season’s coming in hot.

Cover star Don Saladino, trainer to stars like Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Blake Lively, Sebastian Stan, and David Harbour (just to name a few), shares his 7-week, total-body routine to give your physique the star treatment. The celebrity trainer also let us in on the diet approach that got him cover-ready in just 30 days.

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10 Fat-Torching Tips for a Shredded Physique

Follow these training and nutrition tips to maximize your fat burning results.

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Don’t sweat it if you’re not on Saladino’s level just yet. We’re presenting the 2018 Muscle & Fitness Starter’s Guide: Whether you want to get stronger than ever, carve a shredded physique, or try your hand at obstacle course racing, there’s a beginner’s program to get you there. And if you’re always short on time, you’ll want to check out the science-backed hybrid density training technique that’ll overhaul your physique with just three days of training per week. 

There’s no shortage of nutrition content in this month’s issue, either. From healthy waffle-based recipes that don’t skimp on flavor to hearty St. Patrick’s day meals that won’t derail your diet, there’s enough to curb your cravings. Plus, learn about a groundbreaking amino acid formula that could change the way you recover. 

You’ll find all that as well as our regular training and nutrition columns to get you bigger, stronger, and feeling your best.

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