At one time, long before a pandemic would change our lives, working out at home was often times considered a last resort or a quick substitute if you couldn’t make it to the gym for leg day.

But now a year after the coronavirus pandemic turned our fitness routines upside down, we’ve come to re-evalutate how we view working out at home. Not only have at-home workouts become a necessity, with gyms still at limited capacity and social distancing still being suggested by the CDC, but a little bit of creativity can be all the equipment you need to burn fat, get your heart rate up, and even build strength.

As we reach the solemn one-year milestone of living with the coronavirus pandemic, we share seven at-home workouts that still hold up 12 months later, and will continue to do so going forward.

If these seven aren’t enough, you can opt for others on either YouTube and fitness apps. But give these a try, either once again or for the first time, and get an awesome pump in.


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