This is a full-body routine that incorporates a triset and a superset to raise intensity while increasing the amount of work you achieve in less time.

“The triset and super-set are what we call ‘mechanical advantage’ dropsets,” says Zack Even-Esh (, founder of Underground Strength Gym and head strength and conditioning coach for the Rutgers University wrestling team.

“You first perform an exercise in the toughest position, and then you continue changing the body angle to an easier position.”

Meanwhile, the mountain climbers will attack the abs and the upper body (isometrically) and raise your heart rate.

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Perform exercises 1A, 1B, and 1C as a triset. Perform exercises 3A and 3B as a superset. Rest 60 seconds after the triset and superset, and 30 seconds after each set of mountain climbers. 

15 Minute Full Body Workout
Exercise Set Reps
1A Scare Crow 3 5
1B Face-Pull 3 5
1C Recline Row 3 To Failure
2 Mountain Climber 4 30 Sec.
3A Bulgarian Split Squat 3 5 Per Side
3B Squat Jump 3 10