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The Fat-Busting Superset Workout

Who says lifting weights doesn’t burn fat? This 4-week program comprised entirely of supersets will turn your love handles into a washboard.

The Fat-Busting Superset Workout
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So you want to burn fat, get super lean and have a great six-pack, right? Then you must determine the quickest, most effective means to achieving this: A clean diet, yes. Sufficient cardio, definitely. And the lifting? That’s easy: supersets.

“Weight training in general is necessary in burning fat because it stimulates the growth of lean muscle tissue, which in turn increases metabolism,” says Jim Ryno, owner of LIFT, a private personal training facility in Ramsey, New Jersey ( “And supersetting actually increases the amount of work you perform in a specific time period, since you’re moving quickly from one exercise to another with minimal rest in between sets, which leads to a more intense workout and a higher expenditure of calories. Supersets are a sure-fire way to further boost your metabolic rate and burn fat faster without spending more time in the gym.”

Hence the following 4-week fat-burning program. Mind you, we didn’t just sprinkle in a superset here and there so you’d burn a few extra calories every workout. No, we figured we’d go all the way with it, meaning every set is a superset. Each week gets progressively tougher and more and more effective at melting away bodyfat to the extent that week 4 might just be the most intense four days you’ve ever encountered in the weight room. We like to think of this program as your love handles’ worst enemy.

Super Intense

Supersets come in varying degrees of volume and intensity, which is clearly displayed over the four weeks of this program. Each week will be a 4-day split and will introduce a new method of supersetting, with week 1 being arguably the least challenging of training sessions and week 4 the most demanding.