The greatest NFL wide receiver of all time isn’t slowing down any time soon. At the age of 59, Jerry Rice still has a passion for health and fitness and an iron clad work ethic that continues off of the field proving that he is still the GOAT.

During his 20-year NFL career Jerry Rice not only scored the most touchdowns in NFL history (208) but holds a whopping 36 NFL records which consist of: receptions (1,549), yards receiving (22,895), all-purpose yards (23,546), touchdown receptions (197) and consecutive games with at least one catch (274).

The 49ers legend and three-time Super Bowl champion is always in the conversation of who is the greatest football player of all time and his dedication to his training and what he puts in his body live on with his legacy.

Keeping a fourth-quarter training mentality

Although Rice’s training has changed a bit since leaving the NFL, the consistency of regular exercise is still there. “It’s one of the things I do for myself and it’s just part of my daily routine,” says Rice. During Rice’s time in the NFL, his focus was more on endurance than it is now, and it’s safe to say it paid off. “I wanted to start the 4th quarter with the same intensity that I started the 1st quarter, and I wanted to wear my opponent out,” recalls Rice.

These days, walking and running with his dogs, sweat sessions on his Peloton, and regular weight lifting in his home gym is how he keeps his body in great shape. “I still wake up very early, I get my workout in,” says Rice. He continues, “You have to make it a priority and part of your daily routine; There are some days when I don’t want to work out, but that’s when you have to push yourself the most.”

Training for the fourth quarter may not be the goal nowadays for Rice, but the mentality of training daily to be the best you can be in this quarter of life is.

More than just Rice-based diet

The same consistency that comes with Rice’s training, parallels with his nutrition. “I have always paid attention to what I put into my body and that hasn’t changed,” explains Rice. Although a few tweaks have been made such as consuming less dairy; it’s consistent good choices (not a strict diet) that keep Rice healthy and lean. When he wants to indulge, he does but makes sure he gets right back to his regular food choices post-treat. “I believe in moderation — you can have pizza or a piece of cake if you want it, but that next meal you just go right back to your routine.” Says Rice.

Jerry Rice keeps his meals light in the day and eats a good dinner. He enjoys grilling salmon a lot and sometimes chicken or a nice piece of meat. “I just make sure I get protein and properly fuel my body and stay away from dairy as it doesn’t work with my body; You got to know what works for you.” Says Rice.

Beyond Rice’s food choices, there is a new drink that Rice attributes to his daily energy levels in and out of training: GOAT Fuel.

Jerry Rice’s new venture

Post-retirement Rice has done a handful of interesting things from being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars to creating his own natural sports drink, GOAT Fuel. Inspired by Rice’s daughter, Jaqui Rice Gold and her husband Trevion’s desire for a clean, health-focused, functional energy drink with ingredients they could trust minus the jitters and the crash, The beverage has helped Rice stay active and fight inflammation. “I have one or two cans a day because it helps with my oxygen levels and keeps me powered up during my workouts,” he says. “It also helps reduce inflammation which becomes a concern as you get older.”

His go-to ingredient: cordyceps. Yes, mushrooms, but you can’t taste them at all, he says. Rice believes in the power of adaptogen mushrooms for overall well-being as they have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries making GOAT Fuel a great addition to an already healthy lifestyle.

“Cordyceps can improve the way your body utilizes oxygen by improving your VO2 max so you can go harder for longer, and it is also an anti-inflammatory, aiding in recovery,” he says. In addition, the caffeine is natural so the lift isn’t harsh and has a host of vitamins, BCAAs, electrolytes, and is low-carb and low-sugar.

Jerry Rice’s lifestyle proves that you can be your best at any age. Stay consistent, and make healthy living a priority and just keep moving!

NFL legend Jerry Rice

Interview: NFL Legend Jerry Rice

The NFL’s all-time greatest receiver is as fit as can be at 56.

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