Most of the memorable poses in bodybuilding, at least as far as the general public is concerned, involve showing off the arms or abs. But when it comes to winning the Olympia, you could argue that the show-winning poses for nearly every champion involved the legs — specifically the quads. That goes for Jay Cutler’s stomp, Ronnie Coleman’s shaking of the thigh, Phil Heath’s definition when relaxed, and you could go on and on.

Every Mr. Olympia winner had his own favorite move and why he felt it helped him win the big show. We have five of those champions go into detail about what they liked to do and why. Read on so you can apply these champions’ advice and develop your quads to the best of your ability.

Make sure you check out the quad workout at the end so you can put their principles into practice.


Olympia Winners Share Their Go-To Workouts

Thirteen former Mr. Olympias share the workouts that helped them achieve immortality.

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