Even in 2022, the fitness world is contaminated with fitness myths, especially antiquated misconceptions surrounding women’s fitness. Yes, even the idea that lifting weights will somehow turn a woman into a burly man is still circulating in the fitness community. Take one look at any of these top female personal trainers and you’ll instantly know dumbbells do a body good!

As a whole, the world of fitness is filled with solid resources and fitness professionals who consistently deliver value to the masses, but it can be hard to navigate fact vs. fiction and filter out the misinformation.

This is where 10 seasoned personal training professionals (who are just as fed up with fitness myths as you are) whip out their myth-busting knowledge and set the record straight!

Personal Trainer talking with client about fitness trends

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Watch out, there may be a hit out on HIIT workouts and other not-so-appealing wellness fads.

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