In the summer edition of Muscle & Fitness Hers, stuntwoman and American Ninja Warrior legend Jessie Graff shares her secrets to defying gravity and sculpting a sleek, strong physique. As one of the top obstacle course competitors in the world, she constantly switches up her training to master as many skills as possible. You probably won’t be stealing her job any time soon, but you can definitely steal her tips for conquering whatever challenge life—or your next workout—throws at you.

Speaking of workouts, Graff shared some of her favorite training moves with Hers, and they’re as taxing and effective as you’d expect. You’ll also find our 21-day plan to get stronger and leaner for summer. Over the course of three weeks, you’ll combine full-body strength workouts with calorie-incinerating Tabata intervals for maximum results. And if you’re already nearing the finish line when it comes to your summer physique, we’ve got a new goal for you: a carved-up core. To get there, follow our eight-week abs program designed by a Cirque du Soleil veteran.

Of course, sculpting six-pack abs, requires serious dedication in the kitchen. In the summer issue, you’ll find everything you need to get the job done. From quick and easy grill recipes that won’t derail your diet to the fit chick’s primer on drinking responsibly, we’ve got you covered. Busy women will love the five portable, protein-packed (and guilt-free) treats included in the magazine.

With a host of other training techniques, recipes, and inspiration to maximize your performance, the summer issue serves up everything you’ll need to get the fitness results you want.

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