Some lifters look at the TRX and think, “How is the TRX going to get me stronger?” The biggest disadvantage of the TRX is after a certain point, it will not get you any stronger because it’s all about bodyweight and leverage. And for this reason, is not a great tool for absolute strength. But programming TRX accessory exercises for your deadlift will help shore up any weakness you have and improve your technique. This will improve deadlift performance, prevent injury while adding variety to your routine.

Here we will go into what is needed for a good deadlift and the three TRX accessory exercises to crush your deadlifts.

What’s needed for the deadlift

There are different deadlift variations — from regular, sumo to pulling from blocks. Then you can grip the barbell either with an overhand, mixed, or hook grip. This all depends on your goals and level of experience. But no matter how you deadlift, there are a few non-negotiables.

  • Good hip-hinge technique: This should be a no-brainer by now. You need to target the glutes and hamstrings and not overemphasize your lower back.
  • Hip mobility: This can be trained around with rack pulls while developing better hip mobility. But to be able to pull from the floor, good hip mobility will help you pull from the floor and lock out at the top.
  • Upper-back strength: Engaging your upper back keeps the bar close to you and helps keep your spine neutral.
  • Core strength: For everything else to work as it should while deadlifting, you need adequate core strength to keep your spine neutral and to stop you from folding like a deck chair.

Lucky for you, the TRX will help you with that. Here are a tried-and-true trio of TRX exercises to help improve your core stability, upper-back, and lockout strength.

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