Fitness fads and trends come and go each year, but the ones that can really make a lasting change in helping people reach their fitness goals tend to stick around. And those are the trends that we at M&F are interested in—the new iterations and timely transformations that elevate everyday exercise and workday workouts.

It’s OK to need a little bit of fitness inspiration from something shiny and new. After all, the daily grind in the gym can be a slog for some, and breaking the tedium helps keep us consistent.

That said, while they may be considered trends or fads as of now, we like to think of them more as enhancements, advancements that lend these items staying power because they are truly transformative. So here are the best of the physical fitness prognostications we think will be among the most influential in 2020—and beyond. 

5 Weird Fitness Trends You Probably Forgot About

5 Weird Fitness Trends You Probably Forgot

Fitness Culture's Growing Pains

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