As Valentine’s Day approaches, we always seem to think about doing the same thing for our sweetheart: buying a dozen roses, taking her to a restaurant, or maybe seeing an Oscar-nominated movie. But this clichéd routine is sure to grow old.

Instead, show a little initiative and creativity by creating a wonderful, physique-friendly meal that tastes great. Besides, why should you ruin your diet and spend a fistful of dollars at some fancy, overpriced restaraunt just because society says so? (Just dont say that to your girlfriend.) And if the apple of your eye is also fitness-minded, she should be supportive of counting your macros.

Either way, it’s time to think outside the box of chocolates. Here, we’ll show you how to create a steakhouse-quality protein with a side of Italian goodness that won’t negate today’s workout. And since it is Valentine’s Day, there will be dessert. It may not be as decadent as cheesecake, but it also won’t be as predictable.

The right way to use food in the bedroom

The right way to use food in the bedroom

The right day to use fruits and sweets during foreplay.

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