Compound movements are essential to building muscles and what’s so great about these movements is that it allows you to attack mutiple major muscle groups with one movement; ultimately saving time and energy that can be used on other aspects of your life. Now as a beginner I understand that some of these moves can be intimidating. Because you’re working multiple body parts at once if you lake the coordination and ability to keep your form it can be disasterious. Ending up looking like a fool or even worse injurying yourself or someone else. 

So as a new gym goer keep in mind, as you walk past the workout machines and tools, that feeling of being a bit intimidated is natural. You are a beginner and that’s okay,  this is the path you must take to build the body that you want, that you ultimately deserve. The secret to conquering the free weight zone is of course starting off with light weights and building up your confidence and familiarity with the movement itself. 

Here are five important moves that may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right instruction can be mastered in short time. Pay close attention to the steps and remember that form is paramount to protecting you from injury. Earning your stripes in the gym takes a methodical approach that starts at ground zero. If you want lasting gains, the rule is simple: don’t skip steps; the second you do, you’ll probably be unbalanced, in pain,, and eventually injured. And that’s the kind of triple threat nobody wants to be.

Breon Ansley

Which Is Better: Isolation or Compound Exercises?

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