There’s no doubt that January is one of the busiest months of the year, so if you are battling a bulging belly, not to mention a stressful inbox, as you return to work following a relaxed holiday season, you may be finding it tough to make time for the gym and stick to your new year’s resolutions. If you can relate to this scenario, there’s help at hand, because Chris Hemsworth has teamed-up with his long-time personal trainer Luke Zocchi, to offer M&F readers a killer New Year’s 10-minute bodyweight circuit workout, and the best part? All you need is some space and your own post-Christmas bodyweight.

According to research carried out by CouponCabin, 4% of New Year’s resolutioners quit by the end of January, and while this is the busiest month for gym sign-ups, around 80% will quit by May.

Hemsworth, now 38, is renowned for his dedication to staying in shape, and often resorts to late-night gym sessions following an intense day of filming, but as work threatens to derail all our healthy intentions, being able to pull a fast and effective session out of the bag is crucial for staying consistently active.

Bodyweight workouts are convenient because they can be executed in just a few minutes, and they can be made fun too (honestly!), as you experiment with varying the intensity of each movement, away from the prying eyes of other gym goers. Of course, a hilarious workout partner like Chris Hemsworth will also make each session feel like it’s being completed that bit faster.

In the workout below, Luke Zocchi has designed a circuit so that each exercise feels more difficult, but as you will see, slowing down the mighty Thor is no mean feat. This 10 minute bodyweight circuit is suitable for athletes of all levels, so if you feel like you want to make things a little more challenging, you can slash the rest time and keep on moving. Or, if you are just starting out on your fitness journey, reduce the exercise time or increase the rest interval. You can also take the load off some of these moves with your hands or feet, as Zocchi illustrates.

You can make yourself more accountable by finding a likeminded buddy who wants to workout alongside you. So, whether training alone or with a friend, crank up your workout playlist for motivation and let’s go!

New Year’s 10-Minute Bodyweight Circuit Workout

Round 1

5 Exercises for 2 Rounds. 20 Seconds of rest between each exercise.

Mountain Climber Switch: 40 seconds.

“You’ve got 40 seconds here mare,” so don’t go too hard advises Zocchi.

Squat: 40 seconds

“Go nice and low on those squats,” says Zocchi.

Plank Shoulder Tap: 40 seconds

You could also modify this exercise to a knee tap. “Mix it up a bit,” says Hemsworth.

Reverse Lunge: 40 seconds

Alternate legs. Place your hands on your knee if you need support or assistance.

Bicycle Situp: 40 seconds

“The slower you do this, the harder it is,” shares Zocchi.

“That’s one round down, we are going to do another round, but are going to challenge ourselves a bit more,” says Zocchi. “Now are going to do mountain climber runs.”

Round 2

Take about 20 seconds rest between each exercise.

Mountain Climber, Running: 40 seconds

Knee to same-side elbow, or crossbody knee to elbow.

Prisoner Squat: 40 seconds

Hands above head, on hips, or straight out depending on your preference. (Or in a backstroke motion like Chris Hemsworth!)

Plank Windmill: 40 seconds

Challenge yourself further by adding a knee touch to the mix.

Reverse Lunge + High Knee: 40 seconds

Try to raise your knee as high as possible, in a controlled manner.

Russian Twist: 40 seconds

You can make this more challenging by lifting your feet off the floor. “The further back [you] lean, the harder it is,” says Zocchi. “It’s that core.” Finish strong.

If you would like to see more of Hemsworth and Zocchi’s workout videos and fitness guides, you can sign up for a 4-week trial of the Centr app to kickstart the new year, for free. Within the trial there is currently a chance to win a lifetime membership.


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